Nice to meet ya!
I'm Tori, a Toronto based UX designer, thanks for stopping by!   


Hey it me!



I am new to UX, I made the transition over the summer of 2019. 

I have spent a long time in an apron, on my feet, solving problems in a fast paced environment without time to think. I am well versed in creating solutions for people who are having a less than ideal experience.  You might be thinking... "Tori, I thought you were a new UX designer?"... well I am, but having spent a large portion of my adult life working in restaurants where it has been my job to improve people's experience by applying creative thinking.  





I used to spend a lot of my days with my head buried in a sketchbook, doodling the things I saw around me but I never was quite sure how to apply it to my life.  In the fall of 2018 I found myself a bit lost, I was about to graduate university without much purpose.  To be honest, I was stressed I had just spent four years studying philosophy and had come out of it with nothing more than an existential outlook on life. 

I had confided in a new friend about my worries about the future, and she asked me if I had ever heard of UX.  I was confused, and told her, "I didn't like computers", she jokingly told me, "UX wasn't a computer", but it was kind of like building a beautiful house, and making it functional.  This struck me, and after that day and some deep diving into Reddit subpages about what it meant to be a UX designer, I knew that this was the path I was going to take. 



These past few months starting the beginning of my journey as a UX designer have been overwhelmingly amazing.  Growing up I watched my mom problem solve creatively in some of the thickest situations, but I never realized that she was shaping me to understand the world around me as just that, a problem I need to solve.  I could write a million words on what UX means to me, but I will keep it simple, it is functional problem solving triggered by iterative design, UX is ever evolving and shaping, and I am so excited I get to be apart of it.