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A solution for young professionals using online banking to help them track their savings and spending

Design Challenge

We were posed with the problem of creating a solution for Pastel Bank.  Pastel Bank is an established bank that has recently developed web online banking.  They have seen an increase in use since going live with online banking, and would like to shift their priorities over to mobile banking.  Pastel Bank sought the help of the students at Brain Station to help ideate a flow for what the platform of their mobile banking app would look like.  The main goal of this project was to create a task flow, and hi-fidelity screens for a young professional who recently had an influx of income and was looking to evaluate their savings goals on the go.

Time Constraint: 1 week

The Team: Tori Solomon, Ryan Fatica, & Julia Lainge

Method: Design Sprint

We were asked to use Avenir as our font style, and to follow Pastel Bank's previously established brand colours.


colour pallet


Solution Ideation

We began by interviewing young professionals who mobile banking in order to better understand their pain points and motivations for using online banking apps


Theme Extracting 

From theme extracting we began to understand that young professionals wanted an easier way to evaluate their savings vs their spendings.  We also found that their savings goals were motivated by things like vacations, new tech toys, and loan payments. 

How might we help young professionals be more aware of their spending so that they can attain their savings goals?

Persona Development

Once we finalized our how might we statement, we developed a persona as our target user.  We created Tristian, a man in his early 30's who recently got a new job as a graphic designer and is looking for new innovative ways to track his savings, and monitor his spendings.  


Story Boarding

In order to better understand Tristian's journey we developed a story board to base our task flow off of for how he would go about using the Pastel Bank app.  We based our story boarding off of a grouping of project assumptions we decided upon.  

  • Tristian already has a Pastel Bank account 
  • Tristain has a few preset savings goals implemented on his Pastel Bank online profile 
  • Tristian has an IPhone
Story Boarding

Sketches & Ideation

Since the scope of the project was limited we as a team decided roles for each group member based on our strengths.  My team voted me to be in charge of the actual design portion of the project, which allowed me to express creativity when designing the Pastel Bank mobile app.  I started off by sketching some basic wireframes and consulting my team on their thoughts about how I iterated upon the decided task flow.  

Wireframing & User Testing

After sketching we created some lo-fi wireframes in Sketch, and user tested them on 5 users.  After doing so we iterated based on the feedback we received from the initial user testing.  Due to time constraints the second round of user testing we did we did in high fidelity.  We continuted to iterate upon our designs based on the second round of user testing in preparation to present to Pastel Bank.  



We received some very valuable insights from the team at Pastel Bank in order to how we could help improve the future of their mobile banking app.  This experience was very valuable to me as a UX designer as it helped me understand the high stress environment that is a design sprint.  Overall I learned a lot about team work and collaboration, and realized I really enjoy working on projects with large time constraints.  It also helped that I had an amazing team, who were crucial to creating this product.

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